Exhibition 20 Volodymyr Bovkun "Information. Air"

New intellectual project of famous contemporary abstract artist Vladimir Bovkun will be opened in Kyiv

On June 13, Volodymyr Bovkun's personal project "Information. Air" will be opened in the exhibition hall of the auction house "Golden Section" (Kyiv, Pervomaisky St., 4)". The exhibition will last until June 27.

Organizer - auction house "Golden Section".

To the exhibition "Information. Air" includes 12 large-scale paintings by Volodymyr Bovkun, created in 2017-2018. The entrance for everyone is free.

Volodymyr Bovkun himself describes the concept of the presented project: "In contemporary art, the global process of transition from" beautiful image "to" a beautiful idea "is taking place. The idea of ​​"air" seems to me the most beautiful - "ideas are flowing in the air". When I try to comprehend the air, it seems to me that I'm not working, but - a shaman." The author is sure that everyone has their own air. Every person - creates his own air that surrounds her personally, it is present around her, and consists of her own thoughts, emotions, intentions, and dreams. "The air around each individual is filled with the level of its own tension - intellectual, emotional and, even, physical," the artist emphasizes.

In his work, the author combines the principles of abstraction, surrealism and conceptualism. The viewer can dive into the depths of the space of the work, where the game of characters and concepts and when the time is intertwined with space.

"Volodymyr Bovkun is the author of the world" caliber ", whose work is decorated with collections of national museums and private collections of not only native Ukraine but also the USA, Great Britain, Belgium, Austria, France, Holland, Singapore, Chile and many other countries of the world. We will present to the public a new intellectual project of the artist with an original idea, the paintings of which have been created during the last two years.", - notes Mikhail Vasilenko, co-owner of the auction house "Golden Section".

During the exhibition, the presentation of the project catalog will also take place.

Schedule: June 13 - 27, 2018, daily from 11:00 to 18:00, Sunday - weekend.

About the author: Volodymyr Bovkun was born in 1951. Lives and works in Kyiv. Education: 1961 - 1966 - K.G. McDonald's studio, Uman; 1966 - 1969 - Republican Art School named after them. T. G. Shevchenko, the city of Kyiv; 1969 - 1975 - Kyiv State Art Institute (painting faculty, workshop of Professor T. N. Yablonskaya). Participant in numerous art exhibitions since 1977. Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR and Ukraine since 1986. The author's works are stored in collections of the National Museum of Fine Arts (Kiev, Ukraine) and many other Ukrainian museums, the Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Norton Dodge Collection (Washington, USA), numerous private collections in Ukraine, France, Germany, USA, Great Britain, Holland, Singapore, Russia, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Israel.

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