Selection of works / gifts

Selection of works / gifts

Working with exhibition and auction projects, Goldens is constantly engaged in the selection of works for private orders. If you are looking for a work by a particular author, want to choose an exclusive gift, arrange an interior, or want to invest in a promising work of art, all you have to do is fill out the electronic form on the page on the right, and the specialists of Goldens Auction House will consult you as soon as possible and make the best offers for works of art at your request.

When selecting works of art, we do not limit ourselves to items from stock, but always look for exclusive items based on the wishes and budget of the client. They can include paintings, graphic works, photography, home and park sculptures by both Ukrainian and foreign artists. Unlike the auction price for works of art, which is formed based on the demand for work, prices for works are fixed and announced immediately with the offer of the work in case of private sales.

Based on many years of experience and the high level of expertise of Goldens specialists, we create conditions for long-term relations, accompanying each work with a certificate from the auction house and the necessary expert examination of the work. The certificate contains all available information about the work, including its known provenance, participation in exhibitions and publications. In turn, our certificate is a confirmation of the origin of the work, which has passed a multi-level check and expert examination and entered into the Goldens database, which is also a confirmation and argument for insurance and obtaining documents for moving the item to other countries of the world, if it is allowed by the legislation of Ukraine.

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