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If you are the owner or an author of any art works (classical, contemporary art, interior concept design items) - you have the opportunity to sell them through the auction house "Golden Section".

Our specialists will realize an estimation of the art work, as well as, if necessary - the restoration, baguette decoration and independent expertize.

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Additional services:

Buying art: 
Auction house "Golden Section" in addition to commission of paintings and objects of decorative-applied art, is also purchase them (cash and noncash settlement). To offer work for purchasing, just send the photos with a detailed description in our email address [email protected], indicating the price and make a note in the subject line "Buying art." You will receive a reply after considering the proposal by our experts.

Selling of collections: 
For owners of collections of Russian and Ukrainian art XIX-XX centuries, photos, Russian icons, decorative art - the auction house "Golden Section" offers its services for the “One collection auction” on the individual conditions. To offer the collection, send photos with a detailed description to our email address [email protected], and make a note in the subject line "Selling of collections." If you are not able to send images electronically call us and arrange about meeting.