Goldens Auction House provides its clients with consulting services for the selection of art works. When selecting a work of art for the collection, Goldens specialists will advise:

  • what authors and works are in demand on the market;
  • what are the interesting items from the point of view of the investment component;
  • which of the young authors is promising at the moment, etc.

When selecting works of art for the interiors of apartments, houses, restaurants, hotels and other premises, Goldens specialists will offer design options depending on the budget and the client’s preferences, advise which works are suitable for the style of the interior at the stage of its development or already for ready-made interiors, taking into account the current location of furniture, lighting, ceiling height and other factors. Goldens specialists conduct communication on interior design both directly with clients and with designers and architects. You can apply for the selection of interior products here

The modern style of life dictates new preferences in the items we give. Art in all its forms (painting, graphic work, sculpture, photography) is a popular and valuable gift that has no expiration date and relevance. Goldens Auction House distinguishes the selection of gifts as a separate area, since such a gift is not just a thing, but primarily an emotion that will always remind you of the event or the person to whom it was given. Goldens specialists will consult and select options based on the client’s wishes and budget. A work of art can become an excellent addition to the interior and a successful investment.

All works of art offered by the auction house are accompanied by a certificate that confirms the origin of the work. This means that the work has been selected by our specialists, multi-level verification of authenticity and quality and entered into the Goldens database, which is also a confirmation and argument for insurance and obtaining documents for moving the item to other countries of the world if allowed by the legislation of Ukraine.


Art-banking is a service of Goldens Auction House for recommending the clients which works of art are more profitable for them to invest their capital in, so that in the future, if desired, they could be sold at a profit.

Collecting paintings and antiques has always been the prerogative of people with a high position in society and refined taste. The first art collectors appeared in antiquity, and collecting became a matter of state importance in the Renaissance: the rulers competed in importance and were proud of the greatness of their collections. Today, the art market has many different offers, but only either a person who has long been immersed in the professional world of art or specialists working with art for a long time can understand what items have true value in addition to the visual component. Goldens Auction House has been operating in Ukraine since 2004; and during its activity, it has formed hundreds of collections of rare and unique works, designed a large number of interiors, and conducted more than a hundred large-scale projects. We work both with classical art of the 18th and 20th centuries and with modern Ukrainian art of the 1980s and 2020s.

Today, with the emergence of a civilized institute of pricing (auction houses, galleries), professional art, in addition to its aesthetic function, is considered a powerful and highly profitable investment item.

Goldens experts, relying on their professional experience and the current condition of the art market and taking into account the client’s preferences and budget, will form an investment portfolio consisting of paintings by leading Ukrainian artists of the 19th-21st centuries.

This service is designed for both corporate and private investors. The range of services offered is diverse and covers the following areas:

  • consulting on the formation of investment-quality collections;
  • analysis of collections or individual art items;
  • consultations on selection of collections, management and long-term maintenance of their value
  • selection of works of art for the investment portfolio;
  • examination of the authenticity of a work of art;
  • restoration and storage.

Analysis of the market trends of art items, in cooperation with leading experts, allows us to make an adequate assessment of the value of works of art at the current moment, which is confirmed by the dynamics of sales of a particular artist at Ukrainian and international auctions. This gives the client the opportunity to quickly manage a portfolio consisting of works of art, ensuring an increase in investments in addition to high artistic value.

Forming a collection

Formation of collections is a process to which Goldens specialists pay special attention, accompanying each client individually. We offer a comprehensive approach to portfolio formation in the following areas: classical, post-war, contemporary art, sculpture.

Goldens specialists provide a full range of services when creating a collection:

  • consultation on selection of works;
  • analysis of the market condition (local/world) and recommendations for purchasing works;
  • selection and sale of investment-attractive products;
  • analysis of proposed works - verification of provenance, participation in exhibitions and auctions, expert examination of works;
  • design and restoration of works;
  • guarantee of favourable market value;
  • maintaining the value of the collection;
  • management of potential sales of works from the collection;
  • regular recommendations and suggestions for adding items to the collection;
  • preparation of necessary documents for export abroad (if it is not limited by the legislation of Ukraine).

Forming a collection with Goldens, you are one of the first to get access to offers of rare and unique works of art, which gives you the opportunity to assemble a unique museum-level collection.


Mykhailo Vasylenko
Mykhailo Vasylenko
Director of the auction house «Goldens», art expert, curator
Julia Chernysh
Julia Chernysh
Specialist of the "Goldens" auction house, art critic, curator
Kateryna Shcherbakova
Kateryna Shcherbakova
Specialist of the "Goldens" auction house, art critic, curator
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Mykhailo Vasylenko
Mykhailo Vasylenko
Director of the auction house «Goldens», art expert, curator
Julia Chernysh
Julia Chernysh
Specialist of the "Goldens" auction house, art critic, curator
Kateryna Shcherbakova
Kateryna Shcherbakova
Specialist of the "Goldens" auction house, art critic, curator

How to apply

If you are the owner of a work of art, an artist, a collector or a gallerist and wish to sell works through the sales channels of the Goldens auction house, you need to fill out an online form. Goldens provides a free evaluation of works that are suitable for sale with us.

How it works

Goldens Auction House regularly conducts auctions of collectible art, exhibitions and sales, and also works with clients in private sales.

Goldens specialists evaluate the proposed work based on the following criteria: authenticity, rarity and value of the work, current demand for the author’s work on the market, investment attractiveness of the item, its parameters and technique, provenance (ownership history, participation in exhibitions, publications).

After evaluating the work, Goldens representatives will contact you, provide an expert assessment of the cost, discuss the most suitable sales channel and terms of cooperation.

Advantages of selling through Goldens

Goldens Auction House is a leader in the art market of Ukraine, providing its services since 2004.

During the period of its activity, Goldens held more than 50 auctions, 50 exhibition projects and added more than 1,000 Ukrainian and foreign private collections.

Goldens develops various branches of art - classical art, post-war art (underground), contemporary and editions, decorative and applied art, photography.


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Expert examination and assessment

Goldens Auction House offers its clients services for the evaluation and visual examination of works of art, and also assists in conducting technological and visual examination of the best independent experts of Ukraine

Our specialists have many years of experience in the field of fine and decorative art of the classical and modern periods, so we are always ready to help with expert examinations and determining the value of works of art.

For all works of art purchased through the Goldens auction house at an auction or through private sale, an Auction House Certificate is issued, confirming the originality and authenticity of the item, which is also a confirmation of the item’s provenance (origin from Goldens Auction House). The certificate of the auction house has 3-stage of protection and is numbered and indexed.

Most works of classical art presented at auctions and private sales of the Goldens Auction House, in addition to the Certificate of the Auction House, are often provided with a package of independent expert examinations (visual, chemical and technological).

Based on our experience, we also provide services for professional evaluation of works of art. Often, people who have masterpieces inherited or gifted do not even suspect their historical and material value. Goldens Auction House is pleased to offer assistance both in the adequate evaluation of the work based on the economic situation of the art market, and in the further sale of interesting and unique works of art.

For designers and architects

Filling the surrounding space with works of art is a a modern trend in Ukraine that has come to us from Western countries. Interiors in which works of art are used acquire unique features, emphasizing the exclusivity and uniqueness of the interior, complementing the design with important accents. Goldens Auction House provides a comprehensive approach to interior design and the selection of paintings, graphics and sculptures.

The selection of works of art in the interior requires a special approach. Together with the client and the designer, we select works to the customer’s taste, taking into account the style and colour palette of the interior, the height of the walls, and lighting. It can be both a painting and a sculpture, a photograph, a graphic work or an installation. Goldens Auction House has a lot of experience in the design of both classic and modern interiors of residential and office premises, hotels and restaurants. We can also offer to complement the landscape with a park sculpture or installation. We work with leading sculptors and have many unique sculptures made of stone, bronze, steel and other materials in our portfolio.

In the course of a long-term partnership with designers and architectural companies, we offer mutually beneficial cooperation conditions.

Please fill out the form to submit a request for the selection of works of art in the interior or landscape.

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