Exhibition 16 Raphael Bagautdinov "Selected artworks of Ukrainian Raphael"

On December 21, an exhibition of works by Kyiv artist Rafael Bagutdinov "Selected Works of Ukrainian Raphael" will be open to the general public at the auction house "Golden Section" (Kyiv, Pervomaisky St., 4).

The exhibition will feature 23 art works by the author. The grand opening of the exhibition will be held on December 20 at 7:00.

The central image of the exhibition is a woman depicted in her favorite Bagutdin theme "Nude", which is present in the artist's work for more than three decades.

Recognized master schedule gravitating toward monumental thinking and expression, Bagutdinov reached the Direrian jewelery plurality. Subsequently, the artist found his style in watercolors and oil painting. The watercolor works of the author, created in the 80's, have been acquired by museums. His watercolors are characterized by the noisy language of the monumental work, they do not fit into the usual ideas about the possibilities of this technique.

"Revival of memory of talented Ukrainian artists, whose creative fate coincided with political repressions, is an entire stratum of Ukrainian heritage, which we try to demonstrate to the public, arranging similar expositions in our gallery," says Mikhail Vasilenko, co-owner of the Golden Sector auction house.

The exhibition will last until January 20, 2018, except for holidays - from December 30 to January 7, 2018, the gallery does not work. Exposure time - Mon-Sat: 11: 00-19: 00, Sun: Weekend.

About the author: Rafael Bagutdinov - graphic artist, painter. Member of the NSCU (1963). Graduated from Kyiv Art Institute. He worked in the field of easel and book graphics (illustrations and books of O. Gonchar, E. Gutsala, S. Yovenko, P. Zagrebelny, etc.). At the beginning of the 70's he was carried away with a watercolor - he wrote still lifes, portraits, storyboards. In the late 70's turned to oil painting - themed paintings, still lifes, portraits, landscapes. I had more than 10 personal exhibitions in Kyiv, Kazan, USA, Germany, France. Works of the artist are in museums of Ukraine, Tatarstan, Russia, Germany and private. collections of Ukraine, Tatarstan, Russia, Latvia, Germany, France, Sweden, USA, Canada, Israel.

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