Exhibition 47 Oleksandr Babak. A day – is a lot

The "Goldens" auction house presents the "A day – is a lot" project by the famous Ukrainian artist Oleksandr Babak, which will last from January 25 to February 18, 2023 in the exhibition hall of the auction house at the address: 4 Leonida Pervomaiskyi Street (Kyiv).

Oleksandr Babak is a representative of the "new wave", in his work the master often uses symbols, allegories, metaphors. Babak's work is very important in the sense of the formation of modern Ukrainian art. Proof of this is his art residence "Veliky Pereviz", where groups of artists gather and create new works. The main goal of the residence is to popularize modern Ukrainian art, to cooperate with other artists, and to support young talented Ukrainian artists.

Oleksandr Babak is an artist whose work is recognizable and unexpected at the same time. Since studying in the workshop of monumental painting, his manner has repeatedly changed and reached a new stage of development. The design of subway stations, installations, promotions, searches for color and paintings, all these stages are organically used in the artist's biography and give an awareness of the scale of his creative pursuits. Oleksandr Babak's manner has been transformed over the years, saturated with new colors and meanings. The quintessence of his creative path was the work on landscapes and still lifes in his estate in Veliky Perevoz in the Poltava Region.

These genres, at first glance not pretentious and not capricious, receive a new interpretation in the artist's work. Landscapes of the Poltava region and "portraits" of flowers from the workshop are enriched with meaning and appear before the viewer as works-parables, odes to life, beauty and inspiration.

Written quickly, in one breath, they kaleidoscopically collect and contain skill, life path and sense of the moment. At a time when the feeling of the value of life became the most acute, came the realization that "a day is a lot." Every new minute of life is now perceived as a gift full of meaning, gratitude and understanding of one's belonging to the picture of the universe. Despite everything, new lives appear in families and new colors on canvases, reminding of what is important, what matters.

The exposition of the "A day – is a lot" project included 24 paintings by the artist, some of which are new works written by the artist during 2022. The exhibition is open every day from January 25 to February 18 without days off from 12:00 to 19:00.

The official opening of the exposition will take place on January 25 at 5:00 pm in the hall of the Goldens auction house.

Work schedule:
January 25 - February 18, 2023
12:00 - 19:00
No days off
Free entrance

Kyiv, str. Leonid Pervomayskyi, 4
Goldens Auction House
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