Exhibition 40 MASTERS OF THE SEVERE STYLE (Mamsikov/Postoyuk)

The autumn season of 2021 in the auction house "Golden Section" opens with an exhibition project of two artists of severe style - Vladislav Mamsikov (1940 - 2020) and Anatoly Postoyuk (born 1938). The exhibition will feature 53 works - twenty-seven works by Mamsikov and twenty-six Postoyuk, respectively. For the first time we will be offered a new sales format for a personal exhibition - a silent auction, which will take place from 1 to 14 September 2021. Bids will be accepted in the exhibition hall and on the website www.gs-art.com.

About the project

Anatoliy Postoyuk's paintings are dominated by Kyiv and Baltic landscapes ("Old Kyiv", "Streets of Kyiv", "Dzintari", "Church in Riga"), as well as still lifes with objects in his own workshop ("Red Roses", "Workshop"). . In Mamsikov's paintings, in addition to urban landscapes and scenes from the world of things ("Prague", "Morning on Barbados", "Borychiv Tik", "Glasses", "Still Life with Grapes"), there are self-portraits and portraits of people close to him.

They all come from the private collection of one collector - for 30 years he bought one or two works a year. Most of them were not even exhibited, so visitors to the exhibition "Masters of Strict Style. Vladislav Mamsikov. Anatoly Postoyuk" will see them for the first time.

In part, this exhibition refers to the little-studied period in Ukrainian contemporary art - the period of "stagnation", as the seventies are called - the days when artists Anatoliy Postoyuk and Vladislav Mamsikov worked actively.

To another period of creativity of these authors, presented at the exhibition - works created in the early 2000s. Lyrical home still lifes prevail among them. Thus, considering the time period of creativity of artists Mamsikov and Postoyuk - forty years long, the organizers seem to open them to the general public with a fresh look.

"This is a very interesting project for us. The creative path and heritage of these artists are still poorly understood, so we want to acquaint the public, including collectors, with the works of these authors," said Mykhailo Vasylenko, director of the Golden Section JSC. "Exhibition project, we want to try the format of a silent auction for the sale of this exhibition, which was created for many years by a Kyiv collector, buying several works a year. Starting prices will be reduced by two or three times relative to the market - this is an opportunity to participate in the auction and buy rare works of these classics at a low price."

Work schedule:

September 1-14, 2021
Monday - Friday (11-19: 00)
Saturday-Sunday (11-18: 00)
September 5 (Sunday) is a day off

Bidding for lots will end on September 14, 2021 (Tuesday) at 19:00 online on the site.

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