Exhibition 45 COLOR AND SHAPE / Khymych Yuriy / Ruban Yuriy

From August 18 to September 9, the Goldens auction house presents a new project - an exhibition of works by famous Ukrainian artists Yuri Khymych and Yuri Ruban "Color and shape".

The organizers have united two famous Kyiv masters - artist and graphic artist Yuri Khymych and sculptor and master of decorative arts Yuri Ruban, in a kind of dialogue of two creative paths - different in appearance and technique, but common in the conditions and time of creation.

The intersection of the creative paths of these famous Ukrainian masters, whose work is inscribed in the history of Ukrainian art, is conditioned by the culture of the Ryadyan period. Working outside the ideological canons of contemporary art, Yuri Khymych and Yuri Ruban did not go underground, but they were able to preserve the independence of the author's position and independence of expression. They chose their own independent path, based on the analysis and study of the world - for one - architectural, for the other - natural.

Yuri Khymych, an architect by education, found his own creative style in the study of architecture, cities and ancient buildings, skillfully and somewhat magically conveying what he saw on paper. Khimich, as an outstanding master of the architectural landscape, popularized the objects of ancient spiritual heritage in his work in order to preserve unique historical and cultural monuments in memory for future generations.

Yuriy Ruban is a famous Ukrainian sculptor-animalist with a wide spatial range: his monumental works decorate the streets of Ukrainian cities (the famous sculptures "Bison" and "Lions" at the entrance to the Kyiv Zoo), public buildings (the building of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, VDNG and others), and small-scale sculptures are widely exhibited at exhibitions and are included in many private collections. Ruban explored nature - flawlessly and plastically conveying forms, experimenting with color.

To the exposition of the project "Color and Form. Yuri Khymych and Yuri Ruban" included 25 collectible paintings by Yuri Khymych and more than 40 unique ceramic sculptures by Yuri Ruban, made in a single copy. Some repetitions were created by the artist in different colors.

For questions about the purchase of works presented during the project, contact the specialists of the Goldens auction house in the exhibition hall and on the website www.gs-art.com.

Exhibition schedule:
August 18 - September 9, 2022
Monday - Saturday
12:00 - 18:00
free entrance

Kyiv, str. Leonid Pervomayskyi, 4
Goldens Auction House
(044) 2409532
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