Exhibition 46 CITY ANTHROPOLOGY / Dmytro Nagurnyi / Viktor Konoval

From October 27 to November 15, the Goldens auction house will host a new exhibition project by two famous Kyiv masters, "Anthropology of the City. Dmytro Nagurnyi and Viktor Konoval".

The process of creative formation of Dmytro Nagurny and Viktor Konoval fell on opposite eras in terms of direction - the mid-1970s for Nagurny and the early 1990s for Konoval, but the search for artistic landmarks, their place in art, united these masters in a joint exhibition project.

Dmytro Nagurny is a famous painter, graphic artist and monumentalist. Nagurny was an urbanist person, so in his works he depicted architectural structures, human figures, geometric structures, and did it in the style of hyperrealism, surrealism and abstraction, combining styles at the level of each individual picture. The artist created his own unique model of the world, where the photographically created world of things, irrational and secret, spiritual elements are closely intertwined.

Viktor Konoval is a master of "small plastics". His sculptures are characters of city life. They are serious and ironic, playful and pensive, static and dynamic, they live their inner life, which Konoval so skillfully conveyed through plasticity of forms, a bold combination of opposites - simplicity and exaggeration, delicacy and reliability.

"Anthropology of the city" is a reflection of the urban space and the people in it, as a result of the creative search and development of prominent Kyiv masters. Konoval's figures against the background of Nagurny's urban landscapes, complementing each other, create a unique dialogue between people and the city.

The exhibition of the project included 13 sculptural works by Viktor Konoval and 21 painting and graphic works by Dmytro Nagurny. The exhibition is open seven days a week.

For questions about purchasing works presented during the project, please contact the organizers in the exhibition hall or by phone: 044 2409532 and email: contact@gs-art.com.

Work schedule:
October 27 - November 15, 2022
12:00 – 18:00
No days off
free entrance

Kyiv, str. Leonid Pervomayskyi, 4
Goldens Auction House
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