Exhibition 27 The Art of Emigrants of XX c.

Kyiv auction house will show an exhibition of paintings by world-famous artists-emigrants

From April 18 to May 10, 2019, a unique exhibition "The Art of Emigrants of XX c." will take place in the exhibition hall of the auction house "Golden Section" (Kyiv, L. Pervomaisky St., 4).

The collection presents works by Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, and Jewish artists who have received world recognition in emigration.

The guests of the exhibition will have the opportunity to view and purchase collectible works of art from the 1920s-1970s - masterpieces by Natalia Goncharova, David Burliuk, Boris Pastukhova, Vasyl Khmelyuk, Oleksiy Gryshchenko, Alexander Altman, Ilya Bolotovsky, Vasily and Nikolai Krichevsky, Konstantin Vroblivsky, Peter Nilus and many other artists, whose names today are widely known in the world.

The entrance for everyone is free.

In total, the exhibition presents about 50 works, which are collected from various private collections of both Ukrainian and foreign collectors. "In view of the fact that it is a question of emigrant artists who lived and did not work in their home countries, most of their works have a significant exhibition provenance and were originally purchased in the United States, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and others. the countries where the art elite has emigrated in different years.Today, we give a unique opportunity for Ukrainian collectors and art lovers to look at one place, as well as to acquire collections of world-renowned artists-emigrants. they always have a big resonance"- says the curator of the exhibition and co-owner of the auction house" Golden Section "Mikhail Vasilenko.

Among the significant works of the exhibition should be the painting "Flowering branches" avant-garde artist - Natalia Goncharova, written during the lifetime of Paris in the 1940s, "Abstract composition" in 1978, one of the founders of the "American abstract painters" organization of St. Petersburg artist Ilya Bolotovsky , "Still Life with Flowers" by David Burliuk, published in the book David Burliuk in America. Also works include Norman Barr's "View from the Window" (1940s), created by Morris Gluckman in 1967, "Abstract composition: Cottage in Glen Spi, New York", "Night City" by Sony Levycki (1920s), Alexei Gryshchenko's Bay (1930s), several paintings by the Krichevsky family - two Vasiliev (father and son) and Nicholas, "The Garden of Roses" by Alexander Altman (1920s).

The greatest work of the exhibition, more than one and a half meters long, belongs to the brush of two artists - Odessites, who gained popularity in Hollywood - Jeanne and Emmanuel Snitkovsky - "Adam and Eve" (1980s).

Specially for the exhibition, the organizers of the project issued a catalog of the same name, which will be available during the exposition.

The exhibition is open from Monday to Saturday from 11:00 to 19:00. Sunday is the weekend.

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