Exhibition 32 The Art of Emigrant artist of XX c.

Exhibition "The Art of Emigrant Artists of the 20th Century"

From December 5 to December 27, 2019, the exhibition "Art of Artists-Emigrants of the 20th Century" will be held in the auction house "Golden Section".

The exhibition presents about 30 works by Ukrainian, Russian, Jewish artists who have received worldwide recognition in emigration. The works were collected from various private collections not only of Ukraine but also of France, Germany, Holland, USA. All the works presented have a high collection and museum value.

The guests of the exposition will have the opportunity not only to view but also to purchase rare paintings of 1900-1980s by Vasily Khmelyuk, David Burliuk, Alexey Grischenko, Mykola Krychevsky, Alexey Isupov, Mykola Isaev, Leon Kovalsky, Sonya Levitskaya, and other artists known in the world.

Among the landmark works of the exhibition are the painting "Irving Leman's Family Portrait (1940s), an avant-garde composition" On the Market ", (1930s) by Kharkiv emigrant artist Volodymyr Bobrytsky, painted during the period of emigration to the USA, a great work" Courtyard in Provence ", (1932) by one of the most famous Ukrainian artists who gained fame in Paris - Mykola Krichevsky, the exquisite landscape of the Rockbrunn-sur-Arges, (1930s) by Oleksa Hryshchenko. Also worth noting are David Burliuk's works," Surrealistic Society " St. Roch Street in Paris (both 1950s). The elk is represented in the exposition by two great works of different periods, which can be traced to how his picturesque manner changed from the beginning of emigration in the early 1930s to the time when he was already a well-known master in Paris - in the 1960s. as Sonya Levitskaya, Mykola Isaev, Tatiana Lugin, Arthur Kolnyk, and Nicholas Waker, and one of Peter Tereshchuk's sculptural compositions "A Girl Looks at Two Kissing Children" and "Lady and Dandy" (1900s) will also be on display .

The exhibition has a catalog of the same name, which can be purchased during the exhibition.

The exhibition works:
December 5 - 27, 2019
Monday - Saturday 11am - 6pm.
Sunday is off.

Free entrance.

Address: Kyiv, str. L. Pervomaisky, 4.
Gold Section Auction House

For the purchase of the works presented at the exhibition, please contact the organizers of the auction house.

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