Exhibition 25 Collectible Ukrainian Contemporary Art

The exhibition-sale of works of art "Collection Ukrainian contemporary art" from the Auction House "Golden Section".

From January 23 to February 12, 2019, an exhibition-sale of works of contemporary art will be held in the exhibition hall of the Golden Section auction house.

The collection of the exhibition will present at the same time 2 main periods of the Ukrainian Contemporary Art - the art of the trans-avant-garde period (1980-1990s) and contemporary works of recent years from the most famous Ukrainian artists that have never been exhibited before.

The exhibition will feature 25 works of such classics of contemporary Ukrainian art - Oleg Golosii, Arsen Savadov, Alexander Roitburd, Alexander Klimenko, Valeria Trubina, Pavlo Kerestei, Dmytro Kavsan, Maxim Mamsikov, Volodymyr Bovkun, Sergii Panych, Anatoly Kryvolap, Marko Geiko, Tiberii Silvashi, Andrei Bludov, Alexander Zhyvotkov, Petro Bevza, Olexii Apollonov, Pavlo Makov, Leonid Vartyvanov.

At the exhibition, specialists of the Golden Section AD will help those who wish to select and advise on all issues related to the exposed works.

The exhibition-sale “Collection Ukrainian Modern Art” is open:
From January 23 to February 12, 2019
Monday - Saturday, from 11.00 to 19.00.
Day off - Sunday.

Kiev, st. L.Pervomayskogo, 4
Auction house "Golden Section".

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