Exhibition 43 (( heartbeats ))

Exhibition of the group project "Heartbeats"

From 5 to 12 February in the hall of the auction house "Golden Section" will be an exhibition of the most romantic project of 2022 "Heartbeats".

The Heartbeats project is the result of a creative experiment by ten young authors of contemporary Ukrainian art.

The idea arose in the spring of 2021. Then the curator of the project Oleksiy Vasylenko created an art object with steel knives inserted into a big white heart ... White is the color of purity of soul and thoughts, bright human essence. No pain can affect true unconditional love - the heart remains pure, despite external circumstances.

Later, Oleksiy Vasylenko addressed the artist Artem Volokitin with a proposal to continue his idea on a ready-made subframe of a given shape, which determined the vector of the compositional solution. Yes, at first there was one heart that gave impetus to the birth of others. Oleksandra Chichkan, Artem Volokitin, Alyona Naumenko, Ksenia Hnylytska, Anton Poperenyak, Nina Murashkina, Vladyslav Kryshovsky, WAONE (Interesni Kazki), Yuriy Koval portrayed their vision in the set parameters of the heart on a stretcher.

The heart beats as long as it can love. And this love is different ...

Feel with your heart! Choose your ...

Exhibition schedule:
February 5 - 12, without days off
11:00 - 19:00
Admission is free subject to quarantine restrictions.

Address: Kyiv, street Pervomaisky, 4
Auction House "Golden Section"
Information by phone: 044 240 95 32
Email: contact@gs-art.com

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