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Roccheggiani Cesare (XIX)all works of the author

"St. Peter's Square in Rome", 1860s
marble, malachite, Italian micromosaic
17 х 34 cm
Cesare Roccheggiani (XIX century) - Italian artist. There is little more about mittsya. Vivchennya yogo mosaic gives me the opportunity to start working, which Rokezhani pratsyuvav in Mikelangelo Barb'eri's main house. Cesare having opened a piece of mosaic plates vikoristovyuchi plot Barb'eri: the fountain of Pintsio, where there is Coliseum and Basilica of St. Peter near Rome. On the grounds of the dynasty of mosaics, winners of one of the most successful authors of mosaics of the last fourteenth century. Crazy bandage artist with Lorenzo Rokegiani, Mayor of the Vatican Mosaic, and Nicolo Rokegiani, viceroy sin Lorenzo, being the head artist of the Vatican. The collection of mosaic works of Rokezhani Bula was displayed at the Capital International Exhibition in Philadelphia (1876). The other mosaic panel was shown at the international exhibition in Melbourne (1880). The majestic rectangular mosaic, where the bullet was opened for St. Peter's Square (Vatican, 1879), the bullet was sold at Christie's (2010) for $ 730,538. collection "Rosalinda and Arthur Gilbert" in the Museum of Victoria and Albert (London) and in the British Museum (London).

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