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Burliuk David (1882-1967)all works of the author

"Composition with the Babylonian Harlot", 1950s
canvas on cardboard, oil
40 х 50 cm
Signature bottom right
Burliuk David (1882-1967) - Ukrainian painter, graphic artist, poet, writer and art critic. David Burliuk was born in Semyrotivshchyna hutir, Sumy region. He studied at the Kazan Art School and Odessa art school (1898-1901); Royal Academy of Arts in Munich (1902-1903); at studio of F. Cormon in Paris (1904); MUZHSA (1911-1914). He worked in genre of book graphics and theatre decorative art. One of the leaders of the Russian avant-garde and one of organizers of «Jack of Diamonds» art group (1910). Member and exhibitor of numerous Moscow art associations and exhibitions (1906-1915). In recognition of contemporaries - he is a «father of Russian Futurism». Organizer of group of futurists «Gilea» (1910-1913). He lived and worked in Kazan, Odessa, Munich, Paris, St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Ural. Moved abroad (1920). He died in New York.

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