Exhibition Украинское классическое искусство ХХ века

№ 19

BOKSHAI Joseph (1891-1975)

"Grape harvest", 1950s
cardboard, oil
50 х 78 cm

Bokshai Yosyp (1891-1975) - Ukrainian painter and teacher. Born in Kobyletska Polyana, Transcarpathian region. Author of landscapes, religious compositions, portraits and still lifes. People's Artist of USSR (1963), corresponding member of Academy of Arts of USSR (1958). He studied in Budapest at the Academy of Fine Arts (1910-1914) under I. Revesz. He worked in Uzhgorod (since 1918). Along with A. Erdeli organized the first exhibition of artists of Transcarpathian region (1921), established Uzhgorod Art School (1927), initiator of establishing the Society of leaders in Fine Arts in Pidkarpatska Rus' (1931). He taught at the Uzhgorod School of Applied Arts (1945-1957) and at Lviv Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts (1951-1957). He lived and worked in Uzhgorod. In 1990, for the outstanding achievements in promoting fine arts of Transcarpathian region, the art museum of Uzhhorod was named after coryphaeus of Transcarpathian school of painting, and since then is being named - Transcarpathian Regional Museum of Art named after Yosyp Bokshay.

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