Exhibition Рафаэль Багаутдинов “Избранные произведения украинского Рафаэля”

№ 6

Bahautdinov Raphael (1931-2017)

"Mavka" from the series "Kupala Night", 1996

Bahautdinov Raphael Makhmudovych (1931-2017) – Ukrainian painter and graphic artist. Was born in Kazan (Tatarstan). His father was executed by shooting by the NKVD authorities in 1937, and his mother, as a "public enemy" wife, was sentenced to 1.5 decades in prison in the Mordovia concentration camp of a strict regime. Children of the repressed, 10 and 6-years-old Rem and Raphael (both painters in the future), grew up behind the barbered wires in the labor colonies. Raphael has got education at the Kyiv School of Arts, Kazan Art School and the Kyiv Institute of Arts (the graphic workshop named after O. Paschenko, 1962). By reason of unexpected escape of the brother Rem abroad (nowadays 90-years-old metal-plastic artist lives in Florida, USA), Raphael was under the pressure of the Soviet system for a long time, and was deprived of the opportunity to earn his living by an art. More than 100 publications are devoted to the artist’s phenomenon, in particular, the novel of M. Slaboshpytskyi, the T. Shevchenko National Award laureate, "Self-portrait of the painter in adulthood", and the fundamental monograph-collage of S. Iovenko - "Raphael Bahautdinov known and unknown. Fate. Works. Entourage". He took part in more than 15 personal and in numerous collective exhibitions. Artist’s works are kept in museums and private collections in Germany, France, Sweden, Canada, Hungary, Israel, Austria, Tatarstan, Latvia and other countries.

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