Exhibition АНТРОПОЛОГИЯ ГОРОДА / Дмитрий Нагурный / Виктор Коновал

№ 14

Nagurny Dmytro (1946-2019)

"Sails", 2004
canvas, oil
90 х 140 cm
Signature and date bottom center

PUBLICATIONS: Catalog "The gates of time. Dmytro Nahurnyi. Painting, graphics", Kyiv, 2007, p. 26

Nagurny Dmytro (1946-2019) - Ukrainian painter, graphic artist, monumentalist. He graduated from Kyiv State Art Institute (1975). He studied at the faculty of book graphics of the Lviv Polygraphic Institute (1964-1968). He entered the faculty of painting at the Kyiv Art Institute (1969), and two years later transferred to the faculty of monumental painting, to the studio of Tatiana Yablonska. He graduated from the institute (1975), worked at the Kyiv plant of monumental and decorative art. He worked in genre of painting, graphics, monumental art. He did a business trip to Chernobyl for several months (1986), where he created 32 portraits of liquidators. Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine (1984). Honored Artist of Ukraine (2002). Nagurny's works are stored in collections and museums in Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Finland, Belgium, and Germany.

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