Exhibition (( heartbeats ))

№ 2

Kryshovsky Vladyslav (1986)

"Romanzo Criminale", 2022
canvas, mixed media
150 х 150 cm
Signature and date on the back

Vladyslav Kryshovsky (born 1986) is a Ukrainian artist. He was born in Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi, Cherkasy region. Organizes personal and participates in collective, curator of group art projects (since 2016). He is called a "science fiction writer" because the leitmotif of Kryshovsky's work is imaginary worlds and their inhabitants - their fears and desires, everyday mythology and culture, hopes and dreams. There are no limitations in these worlds, either physical or mental. Elements of Kryshovsky's corporate style are the absurd appearance of the characters, strange spots, ugly lines, pseudo-text and pseudo-schemes. The author creates worlds with distinctive aesthetics, unpredictable events and spontaneous antics, humor and freedom from conventions.

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