Lot 63

Grigorieva Galina (1933)all works of the author

"Озеро", 1990
canvas, oil
Galina Grigorieva (b. 1933) - Ukrainian painter and graphic artist. Born in Kiev. Daughter of S.Hryhor'yev. Studied at Kyiv Institute of Art (1952-1959) S.Hryhor'yev, V.Kasiyan, I.Pleschynskoho. Member of the National Union of Artists (1965). Works in the field of graphics and painting. One of the few artists who managed to save his art special, bright living relationship to childhood memories of his dreams, fantasies and full sense of absolute happiness, memories of staying in "paradise." Transparent pastel colors and an unmistakable sense of master exquisitely refined, fabulous environment unwittingly dragged to hypnotic world a happy Children's pores.

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