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Erdelyi Adalbert (1891-1955)all works of the author

«Женский портрет», 1925
canvas, oil
Adalbert Erdelyi (1891-1955) - Ukrainian painter, worked mainly in genre of portraiture, landscape, still life. One of the founders of Transcarpathian school of art. Born in Zahattia, Transcarpathian region. He studied at Budapest Academy of Arts (in Revesz I., A. Grunwald). He lived in Mukachevo (1916), Munich (1922-1926), Uzhgorod (1926) and Paris (1929-1931). Founded with I. Bokshay Uzhgorod Art School (1927), Society leaders of Fine Arts in Subcarpathian Rus' (1931). He taught drawing in Mukachevo school, teachers' seminary in Uzhgorod, Uzhgorod School of Art (1945-1955).

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