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Lot 5

Grau Sala Emilio (1911-1975)all works of the author

The mockup of an original poster on request of Hotel de Rohan "Bal du Louvre", 1960s
paper, colored lithograph
64 x 43 cm
Author's signature with ink and signature "on a lithograph stone" bottom right

Grau Sala Emilio (1911-1975) - Spanish (Catalan) artist, graphic artist, illustrator. He grew up in the artist's family. Visited the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona. Grau's first personal exhibition was held in the Badrine Gallery (1930). Together with his wife moved to Paris (1936). I received the First Prize at a prestigious exhibition at the Carnegie Institute (Pittsburgh, USA, 1937). He was a member of the "Young Painting" group of artists (La Jeune Peinture, France), and then changed his style by placing an emphasis on impressionism and fauvism. Illustrated by the novels of G. Flaubert "Mrs. Bovary", Guy de Maupassant "Dear Friend", poetic collection by S. Baudelaire "Flowers of Evil". Author of numerical posters and etchings. He worked fruitfully with the theaters - creating scenery and costumes. Developed interior design for several restaurants. His favorite themes were theater, ballet and circus. The artist's works are in numerous collections around the world, including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Paris, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, ​​Buenos Aires, Honfleur, Philadelphia, La Rochelle, Tossa del Mar, and other cities around the world.

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