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Aberdam Alfred (1894-1963)all works of the author

"On the Ball", 1940th
canvas, oil
46 х 33 cm
Signed bottom right
Aberdam Alfred (1894-1963) - representative of the Paris School of Painting (École de Paris). Born in Lviv in wealthy Jewish family M. Aberdama and F. Rozentrayh. Moving to Munich (1913), where he plans to study painting at the local Academy of Arts. His studies interrupted by the First World War. Mobilized into Austrian army, was wounded, falls into Russian captivity. Interned in Irkutsk, Aberdam returned to city. He studied at the Krakow Academy (1922-1923). Many travels Europe and finally stopped in Paris (1924). Together with Z. Menkesom, and J. Vaynhartom ,L. Vaysbergom ,creates a "Group of Four". Solo exhibitions in Lviv (1931, 1932) and abroad gallery Katia Granoff (1929, 1952), Wildenstein (1949), Art Museum Tel Aviv Haifa (1949, 1963), Lara Vinci (1955), Molton (1961), etc.

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