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Gusev Igor (р. 1970), Anoufriev Sergei (р. 1964)all works of the author

From the series "Big Fountain", 1997-2013
canvas, oil
146 х 96 cm
Signature and date on the back
Игорь Гусев родился в 1970 году. Украинский художник, фото- и видеохудожник, автор перформансов, объектов, инсталляций, поэт, рок-музыкант, куратор. Окончил Одесское художественное училище им. М. Грекова (1991). Участник многих выставок и проектов в Украине и за рубежом. Живет и работает в Одессе.

Anoufriev Sergey was born in 1964 in Odessa. Graphic artist, painter, art theorist, author of objects and installations. His career started in Odessa. Moved to Moscow (1985). Was elected the first chairman of the Clavier ("Moscow club of avant-gardists") (1986). Together with Y. Leiderman, P. Peperstein found the art-group "Inspection Medical Hermeneutics" (1987). Numerous times returning to Ukraine for a long time he worked as an artist and curator in Kiev and Odessa.

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