Lot 7

SELSKY Roman (1903-1990)all works of the author

"Meeting in the field. Zhovkva", 1940s
canvas, oil
73 х 91 cm
Signature, date and VKRS number on the back
Publications: Album "Roman Selskyi", Lviv, 2006, p. 82

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Selsky Roman (1903-1990) - Ukrainian painter, master of landscape and still life. Born in Sokal, Lviv region. People's Artist of Ukrainian SSR (1989). He studied at the Lviv Industrial School (1921-1922), Krakow Academy of Arts (1922-1927), in Paris (1927-1929). Teached at Lviv Institute of Decorative and Applied Arts (1947-1974). He lived and worked in Lviv. Creative genius of Selsky had a great influence on his social environment not only of artists, but also of progressive elite of Western Ukraine. All works of the artist are marked with his own characteristic relief forms, texture and well-chosen coloring.

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