Auction House "Golden Section" will present unique masterpieces at its fiftieth anniversary auction

Anniversary auctions of the collection of classical and contemporary art will take place on December 7-15 in the Kyiv auction house "Golden Section".

The CLASSIC & CONTEMPORARY ART pre-auction exhibition and silent auction will start on December 7. The exposition will be open until December 15 inclusive. Bids for lots are accepted in the silent auction mode in the exhibition hall and on the website in the catalog section of the 50th auction. The results of the auction will be summed up on December 15 at 19.00.

XX century art and contemporary art are present in the auction collection in equal parts - about thirty lots in each direction. The block of classical art includes works by Ukrainian artists of the last century, as well as works by emigrant artists. Contemporary art will be presented by popular contemporary authors, as well as works by artists of the sixties, who have made a significant contribution to the formation of independent Ukrainian art.

Among the most expensive lots of the upcoming auction are works by representatives of the Transcarpathian school, namely: "Autumn" by Joseph Bokshay with an estimated value of $ 40-50 thousand, "Trio" by Adalbert Erdeli and "Rest in the Garden" by Roman Selsky, with an estimate of $ 50-70 thousand. and $ 20-25 thousand, respectively. Mykola Glushchenko's famous painting "Seagulls", which took part in the iconic exhibition during the author's lifetime with an estimate of $ 70-100 thousand, will be a rare collection top lot at the auction. The work was created in 1972. his work.

Other top lots of the auction include a rare still life "Holiday Parade" by Ivan Marchuk, "Autumn" by Konstantin Gorbatov with excellent provenance and a huge 1985 masterpiece "Madison Avenue" by American artist and sculptor Shimon Okstein, painted in Art Deco style.

The collection of works by artists of the Paris school is also an important part of the collection. You can bargain for the works of Vasyl Khmelyuk, David Burliuk and Abram Manevych.

Traditionally, the sixties are represented by the works of the best representatives of their time: paintings "Oksana" and "Golden Sky" by Victor Zaretsky, the famous graphic work "Sopilkar" by Alla Gorskaya, the early work of Opanas Zalivakha, watercolor by Anatoly Limarev. Among the artists of the Odessa school at the auction you can bargain for the works of Oleg Sokolov, Nikolai Novikov, Valentin Khrushchev and Viktor Maryniuk.

The block of contemporary art will be represented by the most famous names: a picturesque homage to Malevich Ilya Chichkan and a recognizable collage of his daughter Alexandra Chichkan; the avant-garde work of Dmytro Kavsan, the unexpectedly delicate graphics of Vlada Ralko, the traditional self-portrait of Masha Shubina and the painting of Valeria Trubina, which was written in the USA. For the first time in a long time, Maxim Mirnov is once again taking part in the auction with the ironic work "Currency Deception". Among the top lots of this block are an early work by Alexander Roitburd, a bright landscape by Anatoly Krivolap and a format charming canvas by Matthew Weisberg.

Also, seven different sculptural works will be exhibited, including bronze works by Yegor Zigura, Peter Antip and Alexander Sukholit, ceramic "Dove" by Yuri Ruban. Sculptures by Vasyl Korchov and Nikita Kalchenko are on display at the auction house for the first time.

A total of 62 lots were put up for auction.

You can view the auction catalog and participate in the auction at

December 7 - 15, 2021
11.00-19: 00 (Monday-Sunday), without days off.
Free entrance.

Auction House "Golden Section"
Address: Kyiv, L. Pervomaiskoho, 4
+38 044 240 95 32

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