Auction 44 EDITIONS

Lot 15

BOLOTOWSKY Ilya (1907-1981)all works of the author

"Plate III", 1970s

Signature bottom right
Paper, color lithography
66 x 91.5 cm
Author's signature in pencil bottom right, left circulation
Circulation: №26 / 125
Ilya BOLOTOWSKY (1907-1981) - American abstract painter of Russian origin. Born in the city. St. Petersburg (Russia) in assimilated Jewish family. Mother, A. Shapiro (1879-1972), was a graphic designer. After the October Revolution, lived in Baku, where escaped to Constantinople (1921). Moved to the US (1923). He lived in New York, he studied at the National Academy of Design. He entered into an artistic group "Ten» (The Ten, 1920), which was also attended by artists such as L. chancre, A. Gottlieb, M. Rothko and David Solman. The group opposed the backwardness of the Academy and organized the exhibition "Independent art." In 1930 dedicated to the work of geometric abstract art. He was one of the founders of "American nonrepresentationalist" (1936), which dealt with the popularization of abstract art and artists helped. In 1930-1940, and came under the influence neoplastytsyzmu and work of Piet Mondrian. In 1960 creates paintings, images of which are in 3 dimensions, usually crossed vertical and diagonal stripes. He taught art at the University of Long Island. Paintings I. Bolotovskoho belong to cubism and geometric abstraction.

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