An auction of contemporary art collections will be held in Kyiv

On May 29, 2019, a large-scale spring auction of works of Ukrainian art - UNDERGROUND CONTEMPORARY will take place in the auction house "Golden Section" (Kyiv, Leonid Pervomaisky St., 4).

Total number of works - 70 works.

In the week before the auction, May 22-28 from 11.00 to 19.00 there will be a re-auction show of lots and a quiet auction.

Exposition will work without a weekend, entrance for all those who want - free.

From the first day of the pre-auction exhibition, collectors will be able to bid at a quiet auction online (on the official website of Bloc Sections, in the online catalog) and directly in the exposition hall. May 29 - final live auction.

The central pieces of the section UNDERGROUND will be the well-known collections and repeatedly published paintings by Victor Zaretsky - Portrait of V.Zhdanov in the style of pop art (1984) and "Portrait of Vasyl Stus" (1970), "The Face of the Universe" (1980), Theodore Tetyanicha, Two (1971), Mikhail Weinstein, Parade of Friends (1970), Maya Zaretska-Grigoryeva, Three Kings (1968), Olga Petrova, Work I (2000), Kostantina-Vadim Ignatov, and Molodyka waits until the pear itself falls "(1989) Maria Primachenko.

This block will also present works by prominent artists of the sixties - Alexei Zakharchuk, Zoya Lerman, Alla Gorska, Anatoliy Lymariev, Igor Grigoriev, Mikhail and Anatoly Turovsky. In addition, the work of Odessa - Oleg Sokolov, Stanislav Sichov, Volodymyr Strelnikov, Yuriy Kovalenko and other well-known authors.

CONTEMPORARY Contemporary Art Concept is half the auction collection. Top sections of contemporary art - rare early masterpieces of the 1980s and 1990s - "Infanta" (1989) by Mark Geek, "Pa de de" (1980s) by Sergei Panich, work "Untitled" (1990) by Alexander Savka, "Underground Water" (1991) by Pavel Kerestey, great graphic work from the "Botanical Garden" series (1990) by Pavel Makov, "Color hand" painting (1991) by Nikolai Trokha.

The guests of the auction will also be able to compete for the following contemporary collections: "Debertz" (2018) Illya Isupova, "Shark" (2019) Maxim Mamsikov, "Odessa Opera House" (2011) Mikhailo Deyak, "Mom Africa 4" (2017) Ilya Chichkana , "Near the painting by Matisse" (2012) by Sergei Belik, "The View in Yourself" 2017 Nazar Bilika.

Among other prominent authors whose creatures will be presented at the auction - Anatoliy Kryvolap, Matthew Weisberg, Winnie Reunov, Bondero, Yuri Koval, Anna Kryvolap, Vladislav Shereshevsky, Yevhen Samborsky, Ksenia Gnilitska, Ivan Pavelchuk and many others.

The prices starts at $300, with an average cost of $1,000-2,000.

"The collection has collected a lot of rare works of UNDERGROUND and CONTEMPORARY that will interest the most demanding collectors. As usual, auction house experts have spent months working to create an interesting and valuable collection of works that are not so easy to find on the art market. This year's auction will take place in parallel with many artistic interesting events taking place in the capital. We are confident that we will be able to surprise the viewer and the collector with an extraordinary collection of many works that deserve a place in the best private collections and museums."- Mikhail Vasilenko, owner of auction house "Golden Section".

Registration for the auction will be held during the auction exhibition and the quiet auction, or by phone: +38 044 235 81 25

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