"Golden Section" will hold auctions of modern and underground art

May 31, 2018 in the auction house "Golden Section" (Kiev, Pervomayskogo St., 4) will take place the spring auction UNDERGROUND CONTEMPORARY. The organizer is the auction house "Golden Section".

The total number of works - 66 works.

Pre-auction exhibition will be held on May 24-30 - from 11.00 to 19.00 without days off. Free admission.

From the first day of the pre-auction exhibition, collectors will be able to bid on a quiet auction online (on the official website of the Golden Sections in the online catalog) and directly in the exposition hall.

May 31 will be the final live auction.

The main lots of the section UNDERGROUND are: the famous work "Shadow with a Mirror" (1997) by Mikhail Shemyakin, "Yaroslav the Wise" (1973) by Ivan-Valentin Zadorozhny, "Nude" (1990) by Ernest Kotkova, "Mother with Children on the Beach" f) Roman Selsky, "Abstract Composition" (1992) by Boris Plaxia, "Celebration" (1960s) by Elizaveta Kremnitskaya, "Meeting in the Park" (1970s) by Fedor Tetianich, and a rare mosaic "I'm a Fish" (1963). ) Ernest Kotkova.

This block will also feature works by the artists of the sixties - Grigory Gavrilenko, Alla Gorskaya, Victor Zaretsky, Mikhail and Anatoly Turovsky, Oleg Sokolov, Olga Petrova, Pavel Bedzira, Lucien Dulfan and other famous authors.

The CONTEMPORARY block consists of 36 works. Top lots of the section of contemporary art: the collection work of Matvey Vaysberg from the series "Scenes from Tanakh" (2007), rare works of the New Wave period - "Puppet World" (1991) by Ruslan Kutnyak and "Eternal Alienation" (1990) by Alexander Klimenko. In addition, two different in time written and plot pictures of the most expensive Ukrainian contemporary artist Anatoly Krivolap, as well as the work "Untitled" (1993) Valentina Malchenko.

Among the authors, whose creations can be bargained at auction - Vasily Ryabchenko, Bondero, Vladimir Budnikov, Artem Volokitin, Nikita Kravtsov, Anton Logov, Nina Murashkina, Hamlet Zinkovsky, Oleksa Mann, Oleg Suslenko and many others.

Prices at the auction start from $ 300 to $ 10 000, the average cost of work - $ 800-2000.

"Directions of UNDERGROUND and CONTEMPORARY always cause high agiotage among the public and we pay special attention to them, working on creating the collection for several months and choosing only rare significant works. At the same time, our focus is always on art, which is a long-term investment," - says Mikhail Vasilenko, co-owner of the auction house "Golden Section".

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