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Pantuhoff Igor (1911-1972)all works of the author

"Portrait allegory", 1950s
canvas on cardboard, oil
51,5 х 40 cm
Signature bottom left
Pantuhoff Igor (1911-1972) - an outstanding American artist of Russian origin. Born in the Russian Empire. My father was fond of painting, and his mother was a graphic artist by training. Emigrated to the United States (1922) and soon created their own business - an art workshop where Igor was the first professional skills. He graduated from the National Academy of Design in New York (1932). He was one of the best students. Awarded scholarship The Mooney Traveling Schoolarship and received a grant to travel to France (1930). Visits public lectures and school-studio of Hans Hoffmann (1935-1937), the legendary teacher of Europe, theorist and teacher of a new galaxy of artists - surrealist and expressionist future. From 1939 to 1957 draws his famous series of portraits. Successfully working in two directions: Surrealism and Abstract portretyzm. His work buy famous people in the US and the world, F. Sinatra, J. Kennedy, G. Hughes, A. Onassis, M. Sviit and others. In abstract art creates its own world and is recognized in the style AVOM "abstract big eye art" (1960). He lived and worked in the United States.

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