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Anya Fisher (1905-1992) is an American artist. Born in Odessa in a wealthy Jewish family. At an early age, he took music lessons at the Odessa Conservatory, at the age of five, performed on stage with well-known Odessa musicians performing classical music. Emigrated to the United States with his family (1917). After studying at the Music Conservatory, Fontainebleau went to France. Later he moved to live in New York. She started painting and painting in the classroom of the Los Angeles Avant-Garde leader Rico Lebrin (since 1947). He joined the Art Institute of Jepson (1948), graduated with honors (1951). He was awarded the MFA Medal of Fine Arts in Boston. Worked in the District Museum of the Arts of Los Angeles (LACMA). He was engaged in painting and drawing, ceramics, illustration of books, taught in private artistic classes until the end of his life. The works of Ani Fischer are presented in many museums and private collections around the world.