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Konstantin WROBLEWSKY (1868-1939) - Polish and Russian painter, landscape painter, graphic artist, teacher. From the family of Polish nobles. The son of a doctor who served in Odessa. He studied drawing at the Richelieu gymnasium, then in 1887-1890 - at the Odessa drawing school. A student at the Higher Art School at the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg (1890-1897), he studied with N. Roerich in the studio of the famous artist A. Kuindzhi. One of the most consistent and favorite students A. Kuindzhi. Awarded a small silver medal (1893). He received the title of artist for the painting "In the Carpathians" (1897). He took part in a trip to Europe (1898), organized by A. Kuindzhi for his students. He was active in teaching: in the Moscow Stroganov School of Industrial Art (1898-1902), in the drawing school of MK Tenisheva (1902-1903), in the School of the Imperial Society for the Encouragement of Arts (1906-1914), general classes. Awarded the prize in the competition to them. A.I. Kuindzhi (1905). One of the founders of the Association of Artists (1904) and the Society. Kuindzhi (1909), where in 1918-1920 was chairman. Took part in the Spring exhibitions of the Academy of Arts, exhibitions of the Moscow Society of Art Lovers, the St. Petersburg Society of Artists. For a long time he worked in the Carpathians, where he created many landscapes, for which he received the award of Count Stroganov (1915). He went to Poland (1921). A member of the Warsaw-based Towarzystwa Zachety Sztuk Pieknych (from 1925, in 1930-1932 - Vice-President). Participated in the exhibition of Russian art in Copenhagen (1929). Today, the artist's paintings are in the State Russian Museum, the Research Museum of the Russian Academy of Arts and other museums.