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Kutsenko Pavel Yakovlevich (1908-1983) - Ukrainian graphic artist. Born November 1, 1908 in the city of Kamenka, Cherkasy region. He studied at the Kiev Art Institute (1931-1936). His teachers were Z. Tolkachev, I.Pleschinsky, S.Nelepinskaya-Boychuk, F.Krichevsky, P.Volokidin, I.Shtilman, S.Grigoriev. After graduating from the Institute, he worked at the Department of Painting at the Kiev Construction Institute, together with his teacher, and later a friend - Pleschinsky Hilarion Nikolayevich. The first prints of Pavel Kutsenko were selected and exhibited at the Anniversary Exhibition of Artists' Works of the USSR (1938). From this period, P.Yu.Kutsenko is a regular participant in city, republican, all-union and foreign art exhibitions. Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR. In September 1939 the artist was called to the army and participated in the Finnish war. He was seriously wounded and the beginning of the Great Patriotic War met an invalid with virtually inactive, irreplaceable for the graver by his right hand. Despite this, Kutsenko goes to the front as part of the brigade of artists. He designs clubs, writes slogans and cries. Engravings made on the front drawings of the artist, took a significant place in his work. The best of them, "The Grounds, First Snow" (1945), is published in many publications devoted to Ukrainian graphic art. In the postwar years, the artist travels a lot around the country, he creates graphic series devoted to different corners of our Motherland. Continues to work in the portrait genre. Honored Artist of Ukraine (1973). Awarded the Diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Ukrainian SSR. Works by Kutsenko P.Ya. presented in museum and private collections in Ukraine and abroad.