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Armand Durant (1831-1905) is a French engraver. Born in Paris. He was fascinated by the engravings of old masters of the 16th-17th centuries, but observing how they lose quality over time and become more pale, they were inspired to restore their image and maintain original quality for subsequent generations. A large number of links to Arman Duran indicates that he is well known to experts in etching. Georges Duplessis, the custodian of the department of printers, highly appreciated the Durang method, which he used to print books currently owned by the National Library in Paris, and in his own work, "The History of Engravings." After the death of Duran, his copper plates for engravings became the property of the prestigious publishing house of French books, "Dominic Vincent & Co.". They used them to print illustrations in books, but later they were sold in a private collection.