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Kirichenko Stepan Andreevich (1911-1988) - Ukrainian painter. Born in with Chopovichi (now the city of Malin, Zhytomyr region). Graduated from the KDIH (1941), where the professor was F. Krytsevsky. Member of the SSU (1941). During the 2nd World War he was an agitational travel artist, creating portraits of soldiers, commanders, partisans. Participated in the mosaic design of the Palace of Soviets in Moscow (1945), pavilions at the Moscow State Air Force (1955). He founded in 1962 and headed a mosaic workshop in Kiev (later - a section of monumental art). Participant in all-union, republican and international exhibitions (since 1943). People's Artist of the Ukrainian SSR (1981). Personal exhibitions have already taken place posthumously in Kiev (1991, 2001). Separate works are kept at the National Museum of T. Shevchenko, Shevchenko National Reserve (Kaniv, Cherkassy region), Transcarpathian Khmelnytskyi (Uzhhorod), NMUNMM.