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Kanyeyev Mikhail (1923-1983) - Russian painter and teacher. Born in the village. Kanyeyevo, Kostroma province. He studied at the Leningrad Children's Art School (1931-1937); Art School at the All-Russian Academy of Arts (1937-1941). In 1941 he entered the Leningrad Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture and was immediately drafted into the army. After demobilization in 1945 he returned to teaching at the institute. Along with learning taught in the famous children's art studio Palace of Pioneers named. Zhdanov (1947-1961). Regular participant of exhibitions with leading artists of Leningrad (1953). Gained fame as a master of the Leningrad landscape. Solo Exhibition (1966) in the halls LOSH. He taught at LHPI them. Herzen (1947-1961), head of the department of drawing art and graphics department (since 1966), Professor (1972), Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1982). His works are in the RMD and other museums and private collections in Russia, Britain, France, USA, Japan and other countries.