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Charyshnikov George (b. 1947) - Ukrainian graphic artist. Born in Lviv.. Graduated from the Ukrainian polygraphic institute. Fedorov (1971), and later was a teacher of the institution. Member of the National Union of Artists (since 1997). Participant in solo and group exhibitions in Ukraine, the US and Europe (over 45 exhibitions in 25 countries), numerous biennials graphics. Winner of awards and prizes, including the Award of the Association of Artists of New Jersey (1992, 1996), Grand Prix "Golden Brush" International Competition fantastic figure (c. Los Angeles, 1999), Medal of the 13th International Biennial of Easel graphics in Seoul (2004) and others. Author of illustrations for novels Dostoevsky, "Mtsyri" Lermontov, works of K. Chukovsky. Edition "Gogol. Petersburg novellas" graphics Charyshnykova was awarded the Grand Prix at the V Jubilee International Competition "Art of Book" (c. Moscow, 2008). Winner of the prize "Golden Apple" (c. Bratislava, Slovakia), the International exhibition "Art Book" (c. Leipzig, Germany). His works were published in many European and American publications, including the newspaper «New York Times».