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Krasauskas Stasys (1929-1977) - Lithuanian and Soviet schedule. Born in Kaunas (Lithuania). Artistic education in the Art Institute in Vilnius, Lithuanian SSR (1952-1958), where he later taught (since 1961). Created easel engravings and illustrations in different techniques (woodcut, lithography, linocut, etching). The most famous works include Krasauskas linocut "Youth" (1961), used as the logo of the magazine "Youth" (girl's face with wheat ears instead of hair). She replicated on the headstone artist. Author cycles of illustrations to poems Yu Martsynkyavichyusa a book of poems Mezhelaytisa E., R. Christmas poem "Requiem" (1961), "Sonnets" of Shakespeare, poems Mayakovsky "B. Lenin "(1970). State Prize of the USSR (1976). People's Artist of the Lithuanian SSR (1977).