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Kozik Victor (b. 1937) - Ukrainian artist. Born in the city. Kyiv. He graduated from the Kyiv State Art Institute (1965), where his teachers were V. Kostecki, K. Trokhymenko V. Zabashta. Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine (since 1970). He lives and works in the city. Kyiv. He took part in the painting of St. Michael's Cathedral (Kyiv), Protection Church (Sevastopol), Assumption Church (Zhdanivka) and other monumental objects. Winner of the triennial "Painting-98." Participant in numerous solo exhibitions in Kiev (1996, 2003 2001), Moscow (2004), Croatia (2009). Works in the genres of landscape, portrait, picture content. The works presented in the National Museum of History of Ukraine (Kyiv), the Museum of History of Kyiv, art museums Uzhgorod, Nikolayev, Sevastopol, Livadia Palace and Management of art exhibitions in Moscow.