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Pinchus Krémègne (1890-1981) - French artist of Russian origin, sculptor, graphic artist. Born into a Jewish family. He studied at the Art School. Free (1909-1910), where he met Soutine and Kikoinom. Settled in Paris (1912) in an international squat artists "Beehive" (fr. La Ruche). He met Chagall, Leger, Tsadkinym, Modigliani, turf. Three sculptures exhibited at the Salon of Independent (1914). His paintings have become interested Parisian collectors (Paul Guillaume, Leopold Zborowski). In 1920 traveled (Corsica, Sweden). Over the life of the artist held solo exhibitions in Paris, London, Philadelphia, Lausanne, Geneva and other cities. Several of his works were exhibited in the gallery "Uley" (Moscow, 2005). He lived and worked in France.