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Polevoi Vasilyi (b. 1936) - Ukrainian painter and graphic artist. Born in Kryvyi Rih, Dnipropetrovsk region. Entered to Eletski Art College (1954), where he study under B. Geller and V. Sorokin. After closure of school for the so-called formalism was in Leningrad Tavriyskiy School, and later to Leningrad Art and Industry College at office interior. Moved to Moscow - then freedom of refuge informal artists. He married artist Y. Podohovoyu. Worked in decorative arts. Friends with the most famous unofficial artists , writers of those times. Participant apartment exhibitions. Works in the genres of monumental art, mosaics, paintings, murals, graphics (including illustrations). Lives and works in Greenville, USA (1994), where he spent about 10 solo exhibitions.