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Kryvohlaz Osip (1918-2012) - Ukrainian architect and painter. Born in Kyiv. He entered to faculty of architecture at Kyiv Art Institute (1937). He graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute (1943). Participants of the Second World War. He worked in DIPROMISTO, Kyivproject, HIPRO-NDI (since 1944). Member of the Union Architects of Ukraine (since 1946). Since 1960 and almost to his last days was fond of painting. 15 individual exhibitions and 2 nationwide exposure. Permanent and active member of the Town Planning Council Kyiv (1984-2009). He was awarded "Badge of Honor" (2001), had gratitude from Kyiv City state administration. Member of the Town Planning Council of Heads of Kiev architecture. Honorary Academician of Ukrainian Academy of Architecture. Published 8 catalogs of works (1994-2011) and album "Favorites" (Joseph Karakis, 2003). He lived and worked in Kyiv.