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Kolesnikov Stepan Fedorovich (1889-1955) - Ukrainian painter. Born in the village Adrianopil, Luhansk region. He studied at the Odessa Art School by Kostandi K., G. Ladyzhensky (1897-1903), at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts in Repin, Vladimir Makovsky, A. Kiselev (1903-1909). He received the Grand Gold Medal at the 10th International Exhibition in Munich (1909). Retired AM abroad (1910-1912). He lived and worked in Odessa (since 1915). Member TPRH and Society. A. Kuindzhi. Exhibited at exhibitions TPRH solo exhibition in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Belgrade, Paris, Prague. He emigrated to the Kingdom of SHS. (1920). Professor Belgrade AM. Works of the artist are in many museums and private collections in Europe around the world.