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Mandel Lydia (1900-?) - Painter. Born in Orenburg. Studied in the studio Mashkov (Moscow) and A. Exter (Kyiv). About 1920 settled in Paris. He entered in the literary artistic group "Across". Friends with a famous artist V. Rokhlin, performed her portrait (1935). She painted still lifes, landscapes, figures and portraits in the interior in impressionistic manner. Exhibited in the salons of Independent (1922) and Autumn (1924) and in London, Amsterdam, Algeria. She held an exhibition "Palestine and Algeria" in the gallery Colber, Paris (1930). Solo exhibitions in galleries Barreiro (1933, 1935). Exhibiting contemporary women artists, Paris (1935). Worked with the magazine Vendredi (1930). The works reproduced in magazines Beaux-Arts and Art et Decoration.