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Yakutovich Georgiy (1930-2000) - Ukrainian graphic artist, illustrator, master of linocut, xylography and etching, cinema artist. Born in a military family in Kyiv. The family often moved from place to place, so back to Ukraine the family returned after World War II. He studied at the KHI with I. Pleshchinsky and V. Kasyan (1948-1954). He taught at the Kiev Art Institute (1961; since 1993). Honored Artist of the USSR (1968), People's Artist of the USSR (1990), Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Arts (1988), Professor of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine (1995). Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, winner of the State Prize of Ukraine. TG Shevchenko (1983, 1991). Lived and worked in Kyiv.