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Vasily Kopaygorenko (b. 1955) is a painter born in Kyiv in the family of artist I. Kopaygorenko-Trotsuk, father of A. Kopaygorenko. Member of NSAU (1984). He graduated from the Kiev hood. Institute (1980), where its teachers were V. Zaretsky, M. Deregus, V. Puzyrkov, M. Storozhenko. Lecturer in the Department of Painting of the Kiev Institute of Arts and Design. Participant in all-Ukrainian, international and foreign art exhibitions (since 1989). He has exhibited at solo exhibitions in Kyiv (1995, 1997–98, 2002, 2005–07), Toronto (2010). V. Kopaygorenko's work is characterized by the use of conditional plane-decorative compositions. Main topics: man and the universe, myths and beliefs of the Ukrainians. Individual paintings are stored in the National Museum. T. Shevchenko (Kyiv).