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GORSKA Alla (1929-1970)all works of the author

"Composition", 1960s
paper, gouache
21,5 х 31,5 cm
Signature on the back
divPublications The book Counterculture. The Graphics of Informal Academies of the 1950s and 80s , Kyiv, 2017, p. 260./div divCatalog of the exhibition Ukrainian Underground, Kyiv, 2017, p. 26./div
Gorska Alla (1929-1970) - Ukrainian painter and prominent figure in the human rights movement of the 1960s in Ukraine. She graduated from Kyiv Institute of Art (1954). Worked in easel and monumental painting. Participant in Republican exhibitions. She lived and worked in Yalta and Kiev. She was wife of V. Zaretsky. Gorska was one of the organizers of Creative Youth Club "Contemporary" (1959-1964). For participation in protests (1965-1968) against the massacre of Ukrainian human rights activists - B. and M. Gorin, P. Zalyvakha, S. Karavanska, V. Moroz, V. Chornovil and other Horska was again removed from the Union of Artists and suffered persecution by the Soviet security. Tragically died.

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