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ZARETSKY Victor (1925-1990)all works of the author

"Portrait of Vasyl Stus", 1970s
paper, coal, ink, pencil
43 х 33 cm
Signature bottom right
Publications The book "Counterculture. The Graphics of Informal Academies of the 1950s and 80s ", Kyiv, 2017, p. 260.

The book "65 Ukrainian masterpieces. Recognized and Implicit ", Kyiv, 2019.
Zaretskyi Viktor (1925-1990) - Ukrainian painter, master of landscape and genre paintings. Born in Belopole, Sumy region. He graduated from Kyiv Institute of Art, where he studied under G.Titov, S.Grigoriev, Mikhail Sharonov (1953). Worked in easel and monumental painting. One of the most skillful draftsman of Ukraine. He organized his picture studio (1978-1985). Viktor Zaretsky was awarded the Shevchenko State Prize (1994). The National Academy of Fine Arts of Ukraine and Union of Ukrainian Artist installed Prize of Viktor Zaretsky for young artists. His works are in museums in Ukraine and the world. He lived and worked in Kyiv.

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