Examination and assessment

Auction house "Golden Section" offers services for evaluation and visual expertize of art works, as well as assists to provide technological and visual expertize by the best independent experts of Ukraine.

Our specialists have years of experience in the field of fine and decorative art of classical and contemporary periods, so we are always ready to help with an expertise and determination of value for art works.

For all works of art bought through the auction house "Golden Section" in auction or by private sales, auction house gives certificate which confirms the originality and authenticity and provenance of the object (descending from the auction house "Golden Section"). Our certificates have 4 -stage protection and internal numbering as well as cataloging, therefore excludes options to falsify it.

For most of the art works of classical art presented at auctions and private sales auction house "Golden Section", in addition to the certificate the package of independent expertizes (visual, chemical and technological) is attached.

Based on our experience, we also provide professional evaluation of art works. It`s often happened when people inherit masterpieces or get them as a gift, not even aware of their historical and material value. Auction house "Golden Section" is pleased to offer assistance in the adequate evaluation of the art work due to the economic situation in the art market, as well as help in the further sale of interesting and unique works of art.