In 2010 we set up new department - "Design". In the year 2011 it was expanded by the set "Photos".

Today it is infrequently to see the custom design in the restaurants, offices or houses. The reason for such a rare phenomenon - the stereotype created by designers boutiques that custom design is too expensive. Fortunately, it is not.

In the showroom of Golden Section we'll show you the items of conceptual design costing up to $ 500 that can transform your space and change it beyond recognition. A pair of Art Deco chairs, ultra-modern designed lamp and, for example, coffee set in the Bauhaus style – all this create a strong impression about you as about a person with a sense of style and who has an eye for object design.

Working with the best representatives of both object and interior design, we will help you to fill your space in the original key and with those subjects that fall on your choice.

Call us or send an application form (below) and in the near future our experts will contact you.

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